Etiquette of Beret Hat

Perhaps one does not want to be caught topping a beret hat unsuitable. I have seen such scenes many times, but it’s not pretty. In general, beret features tag or other marks inside, which could be regarded as the back of the hat. Besides, berets are most likely adorned with adornments like bow, feather, beads or other embellishments. In general, wool hats are prepared for chilling winter to protect moisture and coldness; when it comes to block sun and heat, most people may come up with straw hats. Some arbitrary fashion rules are  supposedly that wool beret is suitable for weather conditions between Labour Day and the May long weekend; straw hat should be worn in scorching summer.

In fact, both could be seen at either time of the year. A straw hat may be more suitable than a black beret in summer; a wool hat may be a more comfortable choice at a cold night. Almost no one will wear a straw hat at a formal event. Common sense will be your guide at the moment. Perhaps there are two schools of though about how to handle beret hat. One school believes that one should hold the brim near the crown when putting on or taking off one’s beret. Another school may think never handle it by the brim. Actually, holding brim or crown could distort the original shape of your hat. If it is flexed or bent severely, the brim and crown will gradually weaken the body of your beret.

But I often hold my hats by the crown slightly. Except adjusting the hat on my head, I seldom handle them by the brim, because it is the most easily disrupted structure.

Hat Etiquette

In some occasions, this is an area of heated debate. Criterion will change with human social interaction, times and location. The most important, also the indisputable one, is not to touch or try on a hat without permission. I have heard a man asked his friend “Can I try your hat on?” His friend answered and looked at the man, “You wouldn’t want me to try on your underwear, would you?” So, do not try on other people’s hat in ordinary. Sometimes, headpieces are very private and expensive. It is also items one will not pass around. Even in some places, it will get you pile-driven into the wall in case you touch other persons’ hats without permission.

Some Common Sense of Etiquette

One should take off hat whenever you enter a building. When you sit at table, one should take off the hat. When sitting down at a counter for a meal, the hat can stay on. All above rules are often neglected or modified according to specific locations. So please use the best judgement when there are some doubts, and obey all above rules to avoid offending anyone’s sensibilities.

It is extremely elegant that when a person greet you, touch the brim of his hat.

Hat Etiquette Of English Gentleman III

As a famous and interesting symbol of Britain, hat culture has existed for a long period in history and British still retain wearing hats especially when they attend some grand activities up to date. Despite the increasing development of society and changing of people’s conceptions, British people have never abandoned the hat wearing tradition.

Britons also have different requirements for hats on different occasions. In general social occasions, should choose material high-grade, workmanship, decorative strong hat. You can wear no eaves cap indoors, when attending outdoor banquet should choose hat with brim to attend ceremonious occasion. For example, you shall decorate with more embellishment and match a quality material hat in a wedding. When traveling, you can wear casual, colorful sun cap, sports cap or straw hat. The work place may wear with the clothing color coordination, the modelling succinct berets or the small eaves top hat.

The British also think that it is not appropriate to wear a tall hat with a long face, but a slightly convex hat with a round face is more pleasing to the eye. A short person who wears a slightly convex hat will be taller, and a small person should never wear a big hat so as not to look like a “mushroom”!

As a matter of fact, most of the British hat etiquette is similar to that of the rest of Europe and the United States, but many young men don’t know and value it as much as their parents do. As a modern gentleman, at least you should know that in social situations, you can show respect for each other by taking off your hat. If you can’t shake hands because of the distance between the two sides, you can gently take off your hat and nod your head to each other. This common social etiquette is often seen in movies. Men should also take off their hats when they are introduced to others or say goodbye to others, when greeting friends, and when talking to women, elders, and superiors. Apologize to the strange lady, thank you. When the stranger apologizes to the lady with you, he can raise his hat or pat her hat.

As a culture symbol, hat has immersed into British people’s life. In the real life, whenever they attend a wedding, funeral or party, even go to the opera or watch a game, the hat is indispensable. Actually the British people are very good at selecting hats of different materials ——felt, veil, lace, feather, etc. to match their dress. They seem to be born with this talent. In addition, so many customs and etiquettes are associated with hat. For example, when visiting a friend’s home, the men should take off the hat after entering into the house. And when coming across an acquaintance, the women can just nod and smile or say hello, but the men have to raise his cap. It also reflects in the language, such as “hat in hand” and “take one’s hat off to someone” means respect. And they use “bad hat” to describe a “bad guy” and say something as black as a hat. If you have a chance to go to the UK, remember to wear a hat, a right hat.

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Hat Etiquette Of English Gentleman II

Brad Pitt’s hat embrace a nice and warm style. Although “007” Danielle Craig (Daniel Craig) contributed a lot to the fashion recovery of the cap, most people think of Brad Pitt first when it comes to the cap. Paparazzi have taken numerous photos of Pitt wearing a cap, and Pitt fans are beginning to walk around shopping malls and the Internet with gossip magazines in search of the same style hats.

A search reveals that the online shopping store on eBay that has a lot of (Brad) Pitt had entries. A British spokesman for M & S once said that sales of duck caps have soared in recent years, the main reason is Brad-Pitt and other male stars continue to deduce!

There is no doubt that British who really regard wearing a hat as their top priority. The British are naturally the most demanding of all the rules of wearing hats. However, these rules still have reference significance for business men at present.

The British holds that a hat should not be worn, nor should it be worn indiscriminately. As early as Edward’s time in England, gentlemen were required to wear tweed suits, knit vests, duck caps and Bullock shoes, even for country walks or gate ball events. Knitting pullovers and Potpie hats are required for boating. (the Meat Hat, similar to the traditional British pork pie, has a sunken top, but flat below). The British have a set of rules for what kind of hat to wear and what the brim diameter is best for.

In London’s shopping malls, the hat-selling counter is also the British favorite place, its style is no less than women high heels and bags. It is said that Britons love hats because of the rainy and overcast weather and the need for umbrellas when the rain and mist are floating. A hat is the best fit.

Due to the many social customs in Britain are related to hats. For example, when a man visits a friend, he must take off his hat when he enters the room. When meeting an acquaintance in the street, a woman nods a smile or says hello to an acquaintance, but a man takes off his hat. Interestingly, this ritual of petting hats to show respect is also reflected in English. For example, the English word “hat in hand” means “very respectful”. The idiom “take one’ s hat off to (someone)” literally means “to take off one’s hat” and “to admire someone”.

In fact, only genuine Britons can feel about wearing hats. Even the hats of many foreign dignitaries have been criticized by the British media. When Bush and his wife visited Britain, Mrs. Bush’s clothes were unanimously criticized by the local media because she had “a slightly wider brim.” Russian President Vladimir Putin’s wife has been ridiculed by the British media for wearing a big hat on a visit to Britain.

Hat Etiquette Of English Gentleman I

Several of the presidents of the United States are crazy hat collectors, and we can see his fondness for hats in old photographs of official events.

Truman’s wardrobe, for example, has his own intelligible number of wide-brimmed hats, mostly (Fedora) and (Homburg), which are shallow and soft felt hats for men, with a concave top from the front to the back, and a slight upturn in the brim. President Roosevelt was a staunch fan of fedoras and has good taste for hats, each of which was a classic. President Kennedy, once an American fashion icon, prefers the handcrafted hat (Top Hat).

Today, these “hat controls” are now out of date, and the fashion figures who really influence the trend of men’s hats in the United States and even around the world are in Hollywood, one is the prodigal son Johnny Depp, the other is Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt). Johnny Depp wears a hat on almost every appearance, and he is the one who makes the pork pie cap (Pork pie hat) and the Panama hat red again! Brad Pitt’s hats will be sold online, but beret hat and duck cap enjoy the most popularity among hats.

Last year, Johnny Depp was named “Hat Talent of the year” (hat person of the year) on the Hat Industry Association website. His “crazy hat” image in the movie Alice in Wonderland is so popular that he is not only a bonnet maniac in movies, but also often wears a hat to attend various activities in his life. Mash-up and retro styles are the keywords in all of his hat shapes.

Johnnie Depp’s daily outfit has a strong personal style, a hat and a stack of necklaces or bracelets are his cool match, and the new hat and retro glasses make him a model of the fashion world. The bowler hat was Depp’s favorite, but it was a gentleman’s must-have at first, and then waned. About 10 years ago, if you saw a young man in a top hat on the street, you’d think he was either hillbilly or a mimic of Michael Jackson. However, in recent years, after Johnnie Depp’s daily tireless demonstration, the hat has finally returned, crooked to one side, or worn a little backward on his head.

Johnnie Depp, of course, had a mix of styles, strapped his shirt around his waist at will, dressed like a western cowboy, and, with his horns, retro glasses and a wide-rimmed hat, his most popular hat of recent days was a gorgeous golden top hat. Originally dressed in a suit, he definitely through alternative accessories and classic black-framed glasses to wear their own taste.

In addition, hexagonal cap, cashmere hat and Panama hat also turns up in Johnnie Depp’s street costumes, how many hats does he have? This is a mystery that even fashion reporters want to know.