Hat Etiquette Of English Gentleman I

Several of the presidents of the United States are crazy hat collectors, and we can see his fondness for hats in old photographs of official events.

Truman’s wardrobe, for example, has his own intelligible number of wide-brimmed hats, mostly (Fedora) and (Homburg), which are shallow and soft felt hats for men, with a concave top from the front to the back, and a slight upturn in the brim. President Roosevelt was a staunch fan of fedoras and has good taste for hats, each of which was a classic. President Kennedy, once an American fashion icon, prefers the handcrafted hat (Top Hat).

Today, these “hat controls” are now out of date, and the fashion figures who really influence the trend of men’s hats in the United States and even around the world are in Hollywood, one is the prodigal son Johnny Depp, the other is Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt). Johnny Depp wears a hat on almost every appearance, and he is the one who makes the pork pie cap (Pork pie hat) and the Panama hat red again! Brad Pitt’s hats will be sold online, but beret hat and duck cap enjoy the most popularity among hats.

Last year, Johnny Depp was named “Hat Talent of the year” (hat person of the year) on the Hat Industry Association website. His “crazy hat” image in the movie Alice in Wonderland is so popular that he is not only a bonnet maniac in movies, but also often wears a hat to attend various activities in his life. Mash-up and retro styles are the keywords in all of his hat shapes.

Johnnie Depp’s daily outfit has a strong personal style, a hat and a stack of necklaces or bracelets are his cool match, and the new hat and retro glasses make him a model of the fashion world. The bowler hat was Depp’s favorite, but it was a gentleman’s must-have at first, and then waned. About 10 years ago, if you saw a young man in a top hat on the street, you’d think he was either hillbilly or a mimic of Michael Jackson. However, in recent years, after Johnnie Depp’s daily tireless demonstration, the hat has finally returned, crooked to one side, or worn a little backward on his head.

Johnnie Depp, of course, had a mix of styles, strapped his shirt around his waist at will, dressed like a western cowboy, and, with his horns, retro glasses and a wide-rimmed hat, his most popular hat of recent days was a gorgeous golden top hat. Originally dressed in a suit, he definitely through alternative accessories and classic black-framed glasses to wear their own taste.

In addition, hexagonal cap, cashmere hat and Panama hat also turns up in Johnnie Depp’s street costumes, how many hats does he have? This is a mystery that even fashion reporters want to know.



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