Hat Etiquette Of English Gentleman II

Brad Pitt’s hat embrace a nice and warm style. Although “007” Danielle Craig (Daniel Craig) contributed a lot to the fashion recovery of the cap, most people think of Brad Pitt first when it comes to the cap. Paparazzi have taken numerous photos of Pitt wearing a cap, and Pitt fans are beginning to walk around shopping malls and the Internet with gossip magazines in search of the same style hats.

A search reveals that the online shopping store on eBay that has a lot of (Brad) Pitt had entries. A British spokesman for M & S once said that sales of duck caps have soared in recent years, the main reason is Brad-Pitt and other male stars continue to deduce!

There is no doubt that British who really regard wearing a hat as their top priority. The British are naturally the most demanding of all the rules of wearing hats. However, these rules still have reference significance for business men at present.

The British holds that a hat should not be worn, nor should it be worn indiscriminately. As early as Edward’s time in England, gentlemen were required to wear tweed suits, knit vests, duck caps and Bullock shoes, even for country walks or gate ball events. Knitting pullovers and Potpie hats are required for boating. (the Meat Hat, similar to the traditional British pork pie, has a sunken top, but flat below). The British have a set of rules for what kind of hat to wear and what the brim diameter is best for.

In London’s shopping malls, the hat-selling counter is also the British favorite place, its style is no less than women high heels and bags. It is said that Britons love hats because of the rainy and overcast weather and the need for umbrellas when the rain and mist are floating. A hat is the best fit.

Due to the many social customs in Britain are related to hats. For example, when a man visits a friend, he must take off his hat when he enters the room. When meeting an acquaintance in the street, a woman nods a smile or says hello to an acquaintance, but a man takes off his hat. Interestingly, this ritual of petting hats to show respect is also reflected in English. For example, the English word “hat in hand” means “very respectful”. The idiom “take one’ s hat off to (someone)” literally means “to take off one’s hat” and “to admire someone”.

In fact, only genuine Britons can feel about wearing hats. Even the hats of many foreign dignitaries have been criticized by the British media. When Bush and his wife visited Britain, Mrs. Bush’s clothes were unanimously criticized by the local media because she had “a slightly wider brim.” Russian President Vladimir Putin’s wife has been ridiculed by the British media for wearing a big hat on a visit to Britain.

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