Hat Etiquette Of English Gentleman III

As a famous and interesting symbol of Britain, hat culture has existed for a long period in history and British still retain wearing hats especially when they attend some grand activities up to date. Despite the increasing development of society and changing of people’s conceptions, British people have never abandoned the hat wearing tradition.

Britons also have different requirements for hats on different occasions. In general social occasions, should choose material high-grade, workmanship, decorative strong hat. You can wear no eaves cap indoors, when attending outdoor banquet should choose hat with brim to attend ceremonious occasion. For example, you shall decorate with more embellishment and match a quality material hat in a wedding. When traveling, you can wear casual, colorful sun cap, sports cap or straw hat. The work place may wear with the clothing color coordination, the modelling succinct berets or the small eaves top hat.

The British also think that it is not appropriate to wear a tall hat with a long face, but a slightly convex hat with a round face is more pleasing to the eye. A short person who wears a slightly convex hat will be taller, and a small person should never wear a big hat so as not to look like a “mushroom”!

As a matter of fact, most of the British hat etiquette is similar to that of the rest of Europe and the United States, but many young men don’t know and value it as much as their parents do. As a modern gentleman, at least you should know that in social situations, you can show respect for each other by taking off your hat. If you can’t shake hands because of the distance between the two sides, you can gently take off your hat and nod your head to each other. This common social etiquette is often seen in movies. Men should also take off their hats when they are introduced to others or say goodbye to others, when greeting friends, and when talking to women, elders, and superiors. Apologize to the strange lady, thank you. When the stranger apologizes to the lady with you, he can raise his hat or pat her hat.

As a culture symbol, hat has immersed into British people’s life. In the real life, whenever they attend a wedding, funeral or party, even go to the opera or watch a game, the hat is indispensable. Actually the British people are very good at selecting hats of different materials ——felt, veil, lace, feather, etc. to match their dress. They seem to be born with this talent. In addition, so many customs and etiquettes are associated with hat. For example, when visiting a friend’s home, the men should take off the hat after entering into the house. And when coming across an acquaintance, the women can just nod and smile or say hello, but the men have to raise his cap. It also reflects in the language, such as “hat in hand” and “take one’s hat off to someone” means respect. And they use “bad hat” to describe a “bad guy” and say something as black as a hat. If you have a chance to go to the UK, remember to wear a hat, a right hat.

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